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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sewing Club: Make-up Roll

It's almost the new year and we're going to start a bit of a longer project...

We're going to be making a make-up brush roll. I recently made the one above for my 'Secret Santa' present (filled with chocolate bars) and loved it so much I decided I need one! I have loads of lovely make-up brushes which I never use because they're always stashed in a draw all muddled up.

So, to start with you need to gather your materials.

You will need:
Three 12" x 12" squares of fabric
One 12" x 12" square of interfacing (or any spare heavy fabric)
Two 10" lengths of ribbon OR Two 10" x 2" pieces of fabric

Of the three squares one will be the outside of your roll, one will be the lining, and one will be the pocket. Cotton is the easiest thing to sew with and is also durable which is great for something like this. There's no need to go and buy a load of new fabric - old sheets and pillowcases will do or your partner's favourite shirt or your kid's old clothes. Think outside the box! If you really need to buy new fabric try getting a bundle of 'fat quarters' from your local fabric shop or eBay.

The interfacing will give structure to your roll and help to protect your brushes. Again, you don't have to go and buy anything special, I'll just be using some spare heavy cotton I have lying around.

The ribbon needs to be quite heavy duty to withstand all the tying and untying. If you've bought 'fat quarters' you should have some long thin bits of fabric left over and I'll show you how to make those into a tie for your project.

Once you've gathered all you materials sit back, have a cuppa, and wait for next time when we'll begin piecing the make-up roll!

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