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Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Week In Pictures

This weeks has been mostly about moving house! The fish tank had to be emptied and the poor guys spent the whole week in a plastic box in the bathroom. We got all the curtains down and boxed everything up.
A bit of mid-week fun came in the form of my little angel's nativity play at school and the work's Christmas party at Pizza Express.
By the end of the week everything was packed at the old flat and we got the keys to our new home!


  1. ah lovely! good luck and best wishes in your new home. Happy Christmas xxx

  2. We moved on 21st Dec 2 years ago, stressful time of the year to do it but so much fun having the excitement of christmas and a new house at once!

  3. Ah thanks guys! Next week I should hopefully get some pictures of the inside to share... x

    Oh, and nothing stresses me out. I'm chilled like a beer.


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