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Thursday, 20 September 2012

8 of the Healthiest Long-Life Foods Your Body Will Love

The team who work at Gracewell Healthcare know the importance of maintaining a healthy work/
life balance. However, they have also learnt that it's hard to keep up a healthy diet when you are
constantly on the move. It's for this reason that they've come up with this list of foods that are long
lasting, high in nutritional value and easily stored in different areas of the home or office.

Organic Oats – Pantry

The best way of starting a busy day is to enjoy a bowl of granola, with delicious organic oats. You can store this type of food in the pantry for anywhere up to 3 months. The beta-glucan fibre found within the oats will keep your levels of serum cholesterol down, so that you are at a reduced risk of heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

Frozen Vegetables - Freezer

Frozen vegetables are a reasonably cheap alternative to the fresh produce that you can purchase from the shopping centre. They should be used within 6 months for the best taste and maximum nutritional benefit. If consumed regularly frozen vegetables can greatly reduce the risk of developing cancer and coronary heart disease.

White Wine – Fridge

It is known that many wines become more flavoursome as they age. You may test this theory by
trying a white wine that may have been left on a rack or in a cellar for some time. If you begin to feel a little tipsy then why not stick the opened bottle in a fridge. It will retain it's flavour at reduced temperatures for a good few days.

Pickles – Counter Top

Pickles are an absolutely delicious snack and can be preserved for a very long time in vinegar. The acidic coating has been proven to reduce the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates. For the maximum nutritional benefit you should purchase the German sauerkraut variety.

Nuts – Work Desk Drawers

Peanuts or cashews can be easily stashed away in your home or office work desk. You can surreptitiously eat them while your boss is away. There's no need to have a guilty conscience as these snacks contain unsaturated fats, that aid in the battle against bad cholesterol. It is worth bearing in mind that different nuts have different shelf lives.

Noodles – Utility Room

There is a great difference in the nutritional properties of the typical pot noodle and the buckwheat soba that you can purchase from health food shops. The latter of these noodle varieties contain buckwheat, which is high in protein and the important amino acid, lycene. They can be kept in cool and dry areas of the home for up to 8 months.

Dried Fruit – Gym Bag

Apart from cheesy smelling shoes and tasty energy drinks, you may also like to keep an assortment of dried fruits in your gym bag. They can be eaten as an alternative to chocolate bars or other fatty foods after an intense running or weight lifting session. What's more you can store these tasty snacks for up to a year.

Protein Bars – Car Boot

Protein bars act as the ultimate light bite to enjoy on particularly lengthy car journeys. They may also be eaten as a reward for completing a challenging walk. Although it is possible to purchase long lasting bars from the shops, you might prefer to make your own. Combine fruit, baking powder and sweeteners for a particularly healthy treat.

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